AI-Assisted Text Mining and Document EngineeringAI-Assisted Text Mining and Document Engineering

Reading for Understanding理解阅读

The most sophisticated form of reading, reading for understanding is a major way for human to acquire new knowledge that helps sustain and advance civilization.理解性阅读(reading for enlightenment, reading for understanding) ,这是为获取新知识和新感悟进行的阅读,比如阅读教科书、学术论文等。理解性阅读是阅读的最高层面,是人类文明承传的主要方式。

Text AI基于文本的人工智能

A computer assisted reading tool to help users achieve a more effective style of reading for understanding. 基于文本的人工智能辅助阅读工具,帮助用户实现更有效的阅读方式,便于理解

Hierarchical Reading分层阅读

Allows the user to concentrate on reading the most important block of sentences first, then the next important block of sentences with the previous blocks of sentences in the original order of the document, and continue in this fashion until the entire document is included.每个层次的文字是一组句子,按在文章的出现的次序排列。在平面显示的时候我们用不同的颜色代表不同的层次,类似地形图中等高线的表示方式。

Robust Algorithm强大精准的算法

The Dooyeed Research and Development Team has devised a such algorithm, which is the world’s best algorithm today in terms of accuracy and efficiency.我们的算法的精度超出每位专家的个体智能,并可与专家群体智能水平媲美。

Core Idea核心目的

On a given text document, compute a salient score for each sentence based on syntactic and semantic relations between words, the topics contained in the document, and the structure of the document. It then extracts sentences according to distributions of salient scores and topics to form blocks of sentences.给定一篇文本,比如一篇论文或一章书,首先用计算机计算文章中每个句子的重要性分数,然后按句子分数从高到低抽取一定比例的句子做成若干文本区域,使得第1块区域中的每个句子的分数比其他区域的句子分数高,第2块区域中的每个句子的分数比剩下的其他区域中的每个句子的分数高,如此类推将所有区域排序。

Question Generating自动问题生成

It can also help test if the reader has gained a certain level of comprehension of the document by asking the reader a set of questions that are generated and graded automatically based on the contents of the document.它还可以帮助读者根据文档内容自动生成和分级的一组问题,通过测试获得对文档的一定程度的理解。

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